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31 Jul

Shopping and the sea

Yesterday we went shopping, and bought the tickets to Ica (which were quite expensive, but Blanca recommended buying from the best and most secure enterprise) and for a city tour tomorrow. We also bought some jeans for Tessi (1 pair was at 30 Sol, or about 3,90 Euros). One of the pairs we had to […]

30 Jul

Canciones, Cuy and Chacra

Ah what a nice party! About 20 members of the family went to the “Vivaldi” for a “cena bailable” (“danceable dinner”) for Karen’s 15th birthday…giant cake, lots of dancing and good food. Usually there is a big, formal party, similar to the US’s “sweet sixteen”, but the family decided they wanted to travel to Argentina […]

28 Jul

Markets and fruits

Yesterday night the whole family came back. They are very nice and took us out to Molina for breakfast…Cicharron con Mote…that is, fire-grilled, fried pork with cooked, peeled (yes, peeled!) corn. They also had a lot of plants and herbs there, too bad I forgot to bring the camera…well, actually I thought we would just […]

27 Jul

The First Days in Peru

Ha! So I do get to write a little blog entry. We arrived in Lima on time on Wednesday, got our luggage and went to my sister’s host family. The flight was nice, they have entertainment centers for all seats in the big KLM machines now, and we were both in luck, being served cheese-only […]

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