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26 Mar

Vangelis – Blade Runner Theme (nexxyz Mix)

[audio:Vangelis_-_Bladerunner_Theme_nexxyz_Mix.mp3] A very atmospheric Dream Trance track, based on the theme from the 1982 movie Blade Runner. It won me a compo back in the day.

16 Mar


[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_juliet.mp3] YAY! The very first new track on this site! This does not mean I am finished uploading old stuff, just that I want to treat you to something you haven’t seen before. Some of the “old” stuff was never released before this site either, but this is the first song I actually finished in […]

14 Mar

Latin Blur

[audio:nexxyz_-_Latin_Blur.mp3] A great riff, inspired by some salsa chords from some piano introductory book, this Latin House track is the favourite of many of my friends. Driving and with a lead synth that always reminds me of Gigi D’Agostino’s synths. Be sure to give this one a listen!

08 Mar

Hocico – Untold Blasphemies (nexxyz Mix Preview)

[audio:Hocico_-_Untold_Blasphemies_nexxyz_Mix_Preview.mp3] Oh, those industrial goths 😀 Hocico is a Mexican industrial band. When we met them when they visited Austria a few years back, we were kinda weirded out on how to adress them after reading some of their lyrics, but when we actually saw them they were kinda skater-like and really nice guys. On […]

08 Mar

Truth – Counting Sheep

[audio:nexxyz_-_Truth_Counting_Sheep.mp3] A smooth relaxing song I wrote for my dear Schafi. Bombastic, orchestral and Delerium-like.

05 Mar

U96 – Das Boot (nexxyz Intelligent Beat Mix)

[audio:U96_-_Das_Boot_nexxyz_Intelligent_Beat_Mix.mp3] Ah, “Das Boot” was a great track. And a movie with a great musical score, for that matter. When I first started tracking, I had never heard the original song, and also not the U96 remix. However, when I found samples of the theme and some computer-speech saying “One, two, three, techno” and so […]

05 Mar

Chill out…

The last days have been pretty busy, so I was not able to write any entries. We’ve been to Graz, and it has been a really nice day. Seeing my town of birth is always a pleasant experience. It has a very medieval flair, you can really imagine it being a castle town of old. […]

01 Mar

Deep Seas

[audio:nexxyz_-_Deep_Seas.mp3] In the same area as “Liquid Skies”, this track features a flute and breakbeat with lots of strings in the background. Slowly bobbing like the sea, with a very triumphant and emotional middle part, it is a really good song for falling into. Dreamy slow and relaxing!

01 Mar

Fakir’s Delight

[audio:nexxyz_-_Fakirs_Delight.mp3] A fun, breakbeaty track…featuring my very own voice 😀 ’nuff said.

01 Mar

Nintendo Gameboy Pocket

Ah, the little brother of the Gray Gameboy Classic. Not as good in terms of sound, but with a crisper display and more fitting for an everyday pocket…hence the name 😉

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