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26 Jun

Trax in Space is back!

Nice! I received my beta key today and already started uploading a few tracks…within a few hours, I had my first review. Great! I hope the community becomes as good as it once was!

17 Jun

Update on: Kerosene Draft

Hehe…still not releasing the track 😉 But you can find a beta (actually, it’s not even an alpha, the whole “functionality” is not there yet, but I think it stands pretty well on its own) on my fm4 Soundpark page. Anyway, the reason why there is no release yet is because a colleague is helping […]

05 Jun

The new track…

…is coming along nicely. You’ll probably be able to hear a beta version of it on my fm4 Soundpark page. As will be mentioned there, the killer hook or lyrics are still missing (like with “Heavy Smoke” a few years back). I’ll be actively looking for such things, though. And I guess this weekend, which […]

04 Jun


…no update for a long time. But don’t worry…there is going to be something new pretty soon… To give you a little teaser: Kerosene Draft That is the working title of a new track, and it will be the first of hopefully many HiFi tracks, although that probably won’t stop me from throwing in one […]

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