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22 Nov

What U Want

[audio:Nessusproject_-_What_U_Want.mp3] A funky breakbeat/bigbeat track, using a few short samples from one of the great classics ;-). Written in Buzz, probably sometime before 2000.

22 Nov

Termination (Omega Interlude)

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Termination_(Omega_Interlude).mp3] A nifty little dance track, inspired by the theme from the Terminator movies. Written using Buzz. Probably written sometime in 2001.

14 Nov

La Vie En Rose

[audio:NESSUSproject_-_La_Vie_En_Rose.mp3] This track was the result of a bet between my French teacher and me. He said: “You can’t make an electronic version of ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Edith Piaf. He was wrong.

14 Nov


[audio:Nexxyz_-_Magic.mp3] One of my first real soothing tracks, and definitely the first to feature a flute. Relaxing, dreamy and quiet.

08 Nov

Are You the One – 4 Variations – feat. Steffi W.

[audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Ballad_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Dance_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Pseudo_DnB_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_TripnFlip_Mix.mp3] These four tracks date around the year 2000. Using vocals that were recorded on a cheaper than cheap microphone, this cover of a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song comes in four flavours: Ballad Dance Chilly D’n’B TripHop This was a bit of an experimental study: All versions share the […]

01 Nov

Electric City

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Electric_City.mp3] A FastTracker II track, published on Tracked Worx ’98. Electronic sounds, moody, futuristic at the time…using a vocal sample taken from some random TV trailer. Starts out pretty slow, then picks up speed. This track even has a pesudo-concert segment. 😉

01 Nov

666th Sense

[audio:NESSUSproject_-_666th_Sense.mp3] A D’n’B-ish, spooky track fitting for Halloween. The intro and outro parts feature a sample from a pretty well-known movie. Nicole, a colleague at the summer job I took in 2000 got pretty scared when listening to it in the dark.

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