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10 Nov

With Philipp Huber: Seven Nation Army

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_and_philipp_huber_-_seven_nation_army.mp3] A little cover of the White Stripes song, with the Nintendo old gray Gameboy played by me and electric guitar played by Philipp Huber. This rare combination makes for an interesting sound! First performed at David’s, Sabine’s and my half-to-real birthday party at Kolar Laudongasse.

28 Feb

Kraftwerk – Das Model (Schrodt & Bucsics Cover)

[audio:kraftwerk_-_das_model_schrodt_and_bucsics_cover.mp3] A great song originally by Kraftwerk, covered using a Gameboy, a C64 (both played Markus), a MC505 and a Virus B (played by me) as vocoder, with the lyrics performed by Markus who kept forgetting the words…;) A lo-fi cover of a great old song.

25 Feb

Schrodt & Bucsics – On the Sand (On Your Gums)

[audio:schrodt_and_bucsics_-_on_the_sand_on_your_gums.mp3] This is a really mellow, chilly track, produced using a Commodore 64 and a Nintendo Gray Gameboy Classic, both played by Markus Schrodt, and a Roland MC505, played by myself. The reason for the name? Simple. By the time we were finished with this song, we were walking on the sand, on our gums, […]

21 Feb

Schrodt & Bucsics – Waiting for 620

[audio:schrodt_and_bucsics_-_waiting_for_620.mp3] A song I wrote with Markus Schrodt of dot.matrix, him on the Gameboy and the Commodore 64, and me on my Roland MC505. Funky, fun tune with a name to suit the occasion 😉

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