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Thomas Bucsics a.k.a. nexxyz is an Austrian composer/producer/performer of electronic music currently living in Vienna.

He has a strong passion of Nintendo products, and especially for using them in ways they were not originally intended for. Nothing naughty, though, just writing and using homebrew, and using them to write and perform even more electronic music.

After living in both Ecuador and Norway for a while (not at once, though), he works influences of lots of artists from those places, as well as influences from the Austrian scenes into his music.

The style of nexxyz’ music ranges from Chiptune-y over Technoid to Breakbeaty and Orchestral. While he usually writes original tunes, he once in a while also enjoys giving a tune written by someone else a new face by producing his own cover.

If you have the rights to a song that is covered here, and feel that putting that cover on this page is not in accordance with them, just write a message to nexxyz, and the cover shall be promptly removed.

In his more or less real life he works in the field of computer science and testing. His hobbies include, but are not limited to:
Writing music, games, watching movies, martial arts, cooking, reading, smart-assing, crashing radio controlled vehicles and being with his girlfriend.

This is his blog/site.

2 Responses to “About”

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    Tim Says:

    got a dead nanoloop off ebay. wondering if you knew how to put a new battery in it… what kind of battery is it? any way to put a battery holder on it.

  2. 2
    nexxyz Says:

    Unfortunately (and maybe untypically for a chiptune-maker ;-)) I don’t know much about hardware – but I guess you could try to contact Oliver about it:

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