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25 Oct


[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_09.06.2005.mp3] Demo-style breakbeat – as always using a single gray Nintendo Gameboy. The more astute among readers may guess the day of its creation. Not especially the lead that kicks in in the later half of the track!

25 Oct

A Pornstar Named Adrenaline

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_a_pornstar_named_adrenaline.mp3] A hard, technoid Gameboy track. Must have been one of my first hard tracks written on the Nintendo Gray. Highly recommended for disturbed people!

18 Oct

Travelling Home

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Travelling_Home.mp3] I think this was the last track I wrote before traveling home from Ecuador – which would make it a bit more than 9 years old by now. FastTracker II style trance, using random vocal samples, most probably taken from Tracked Worx ’98.

18 Oct

Pains in my Chest

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Pains_in_my_Chest.mp3] A sweet little dream-trance track, using a random sample just ripped from British television. Written sometime in the later half of the year 2000, using Buzz Alpha. It was written for a summer romance…

13 Oct

Waldspaziergang (Swing Variation)

[audio:Nessusproject_Waldspaziergang_(Swing_Variation).mp3] One of the last tracks I did in FastTracker II, just before switching to Buzz. Smooth and boppy, definitely worth a listen if you’re into a bit of old-skool chill.

13 Oct

Babylon 1998 – The Madhatter Strikes Back

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Babylon_1998.mp3] Whoa, a real weird track. Written in presence of Tom Parker, a really nice guy I met in Ecuador that year. He brought his Tea Party CD with him, so we ripped a riff from “Babylon” and used it. If you’re real smart, there’s a clue about the year I wrote it in in […]

05 Oct

Battle Royale (Telekinetic Island)

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_battle_royale_(telekinetic_island).mp3] A psychedelic, trancy, Goa-styled hard track…as always, single, gray gameboy running at full volume! Definitely a must-listen for people who enjoy hard minimalist stuff. This track premiered at the final party of a Demo-convention at MuQua Vienna in the Wirr. People definitely seemed to enjoy it…drunk audiences are the best!

05 Oct

The Sun Is Shining In Trondelag

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_the_sun_is_shining_in_trondelag.mp3] A track that was a long time in the making…this one started back in Trondheim, 2005. A funny, funky, upbeat song.

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