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01 Mar

Nintendo Gameboy Pocket

Ah, the little brother of the Gray Gameboy Classic. Not as good in terms of sound, but with a crisper display and more fitting for an everyday pocket…hence the name 😉

28 Feb

Alesis M1 Active Mark 2

Ahhh…my dear speakers. A little on the bassy side, but incredibly crisp sounding and (if you let them) LOUD! These for producing and getting the feel for a track, and just listening, and the HD515 for the details and fine-tuning. Yay! (That in between is my Kyocera FS-920…a fine black/white laser printer with cheap toner.)

27 Feb

evolution MK 361C

This is my cheap yet very useful and complete MIDI control keyboard. I use it for experimenting an recording lines, but for experimenting my electronic piano is a little more intuitive. It has 61 keys and 16 MIDI control knobs, and of course a pitch bend and a mod wheel. Sufficient for now, but might […]

26 Feb

Sennheiser HD515

I love these headphones. They have an incredibly clear sound image. I just wish they were a little heavier on the bass, but they’re great for creating brilliant soundscapes because they are incredibly clear in the high frequency areas.

25 Feb

M-Audio Midisport 4×4

A midi-interface with, as can be expected from the name, 4 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs, which is hooked up to a MIDI patchbay, since without it they are not quite enough 😉 For now, it has enough ports…we’ll see about the future. It runs with Windows or Mac OSX, and really well and […]

24 Feb

Gray Nintendo Gameboy Classic

The first matrix-display handheld gaming device that was released around the globe was a sensational hit. It got nintendo into the hearts of children and adults immediately. For the musician, it provides access to two pulse-channels, one noise channel, and one 4-bit sample channel. Accessible using LSDJ, lots of sounds and arrangemens can be produced […]

23 Feb

Roland MC505

My dear 505, used by many, many artists (be sure to check out duo505 featuring dot.matrix‘s Herbert Weixelbaum). Great for producing beats and basic arrangements! I got it used, the LCD display lacks one vertical pixel row on the right, a bit annoying, but otherwise it’s in almost perfect condition.

22 Feb

Access Virus B

A simulated analog synthesizer with 24 voices and up to 16 parts. Lots of tweaking, and each new release of its operating system brought new possibilities, such as additional LFOs and many more. I just love designing a sound by tweaking one of those mutliple-dozen knobs. Also works really well as a vocoder and effects […]

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