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07 Dec

Dream Number 12

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Dream_Number_12.mp3] FastTracker II, 1999, rescued off an old cassette. Funky, breaky, yet smooth and relaxing. I wanna rock!

07 Dec

A New Dream

[audio:Nessusproject_-_A_New_Dream.mp3] A track from 1998, written for Andrea (her name is *cough* cleverly *cough* hidden in the track’s name). Dreamy (as the name suggests), FastTracker II based trance, rescued from an old cassette.

01 Nov

Electric City

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Electric_City.mp3] A FastTracker II track, published on Tracked Worx ’98. Electronic sounds, moody, futuristic at the time…using a vocal sample taken from some random TV trailer. Starts out pretty slow, then picks up speed. This track even has a pesudo-concert segment. 😉

18 Oct

Travelling Home

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Travelling_Home.mp3] I think this was the last track I wrote before traveling home from Ecuador – which would make it a bit more than 9 years old by now. FastTracker II style trance, using random vocal samples, most probably taken from Tracked Worx ’98.

13 Oct

Waldspaziergang (Swing Variation)

[audio:Nessusproject_Waldspaziergang_(Swing_Variation).mp3] One of the last tracks I did in FastTracker II, just before switching to Buzz. Smooth and boppy, definitely worth a listen if you’re into a bit of old-skool chill.

13 Oct

Babylon 1998 – The Madhatter Strikes Back

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Babylon_1998.mp3] Whoa, a real weird track. Written in presence of Tom Parker, a really nice guy I met in Ecuador that year. He brought his Tea Party CD with him, so we ripped a riff from “Babylon” and used it. If you’re real smart, there’s a clue about the year I wrote it in in […]

27 Sep

Brother I Can See the Light

[audio:Nessusproject-Brother_I_Can_See_The_Light.mp3] Another old, FastTracker II-made track, this time featuring a sample taken from a demo I really liked at the time. Heavily influenced by The Prodigy, this breakbeatish song is probably one of the heaviest tracks I ever wrote using FastTracker. Probably written around the year 2000 – still under the name “Nessusproject”. As with […]

27 Sep

No Time To Wait (feat. Steffi W. and Max K.)

[audio:Nessusproject-No_Time_To_Wait.mp3] A nice, old, FastTracker II-Made track featuring two classmates of mine – with vocals and electric guitar. Found on an old, unlabeled cassette in my drawer. Probably written around the year 2000 – still under the name “Nessusproject”. If the left and right channels flicker at points, that’s not your equipment…that’s my old stereo, […]

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