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05 Mar

U96 – Das Boot (nexxyz Intelligent Beat Mix)


Ah, “Das Boot” was a great track. And a movie with a great musical score, for that matter. When I first started tracking, I had never heard the original song, and also not the U96 remix. However, when I found samples of the theme and some computer-speech saying “One, two, three, techno” and so on, I put them together into a song of mine. Only months later I realized that those samples actually were taken from the same song…U96 – Das Boot.

Apparently there is a tie from my family to the movie – well…around some corners, anway 😉 The husband of my great-aunt has lots of models of ships, submarines and especially aircraft. The story goes that one of his models was actually used in a few shots of the movie. I’ve seen the model, and it still looks pretty cool.

This is a down-beat, psychedelic remix of the Boot theme and by now probably seven to eight years old. No samples from the original or any other mixes taken.

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