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31 Jul

Shopping and the sea

Yesterday we went shopping, and bought the tickets to Ica (which were quite expensive, but Blanca recommended buying from the best and most secure enterprise) and for a city tour tomorrow. We also bought some jeans for Tessi (1 pair was at 30 Sol, or about 3,90 Euros). One of the pairs we had to take to the tailor to adjust the length, which cost 2 Sol (50 Euro cent). Then a belt, for 10 Sol…do the math 😉

possibly spoiler:
While going back to the car, we heard a man scream “Harry muere!”, but we don’t know if he’s right. But I don’t really care, either.
/possibly spoiler

We went to a park and to a crafts-center, where we bought the fur off a few alpacas, then we went to another center to search for even more. After trying about 20 ponchos, we finally decided on one.

For the late lunch we had delicious crab soup (which we bought Saturday and froze) and fried bonito with avocado salad and rice.

In the evening the family took us down to the beach, to see the sea and the fish market.

The view of the sear from the edge of Miraflores

Tessi and Karen at the beach

A bunch of pelicans at night at the edge of the fish market (sorry, didn’t have a tripod and some sea men were looking at me and my camera in a funny and not quite unfriendly way…and the pelicans were moving, anyway)

She sells sea shells down by the sea shore

Today afternoon our parents will arrive, and we have organized a small fleet of cars to pick them up (2 cars, actually). Tomorrow we will rest and do some sightseeing, but from Thursday on, the true voyage begins, and it won’t stop until we’re back from Galapagos on the 23rd of August! I hope I will still be able to post pictures from time to time, but don’t count on it!

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