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30 Jul

Canciones, Cuy and Chacra

Ah what a nice party! About 20 members of the family went to the “Vivaldi” for a “cena bailable” (“danceable dinner”) for Karen’s 15th birthday…giant cake, lots of dancing and good food. Usually there is a big, formal party, similar to the US’s “sweet sixteen”, but the family decided they wanted to travel to Argentina and have a small dinner instead.

Karen and her small cake

Daniel, his grandmother and his cousin

That’s how people dance here! (video)

Yesterday we went to the family’s chacra, either a small farm or a big garden, depending on your point of view. On the way there we passed some of the poor areas and came pretty close to the beach.

A hill with its very own Jesus

Big ship on the sea

People here jump onto the street to sell you chicharron (grilled, then fried pork)

The chacra itself if full of plants, mainly bananas and avocados, but there’s lots of other stuff there, too.

An avocado hanging from the tree

Banana plant with dried flower


Big ship on the sea

Me harvesting an avocado (video)

For lunch we had duck and cuy (guinea pig, or Meerschweinchen in German).

My very own half cuy

On the way back we met some adorable Alpacas 😀 very, very soft!!!

Aren’t you cute, yes, yes, you are! Aww!

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