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28 Jul

Markets and fruits

Yesterday night the whole family came back. They are very nice and took us out to Molina for breakfast…Cicharron con Mote…that is, fire-grilled, fried pork with cooked, peeled (yes, peeled!) corn.

They also had a lot of plants and herbs there, too bad I forgot to bring the camera…well, actually I thought we would just go to a small shop and eat some simple breakfast…I was wrong.

Hills of Lima

Then we went to the fruit market to pick out the stuff we never heard of before, and of course bought exactly that. After that we went to a smaller market, to buy crabs, bonito fish and meat for lunch.

The fruit market

A small mixed market

Tessi sorted out the photos she took in China she sent the family while I went for a walk with the father of the family, to a big shopping center.

Fruit and flowers

My sister and her host parents

We just had lunch with the traditional Lomo Saltado and the Imperial Cake we brought from Vienna.

Since it is Karen’s 15th birthday party tonight (starting at 10) I guess we won’t be in bed very early, we still haven’t overcome the jet-lag, though.

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