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27 Jul

The First Days in Peru

Ha! So I do get to write a little blog entry.

We arrived in Lima on time on Wednesday, got our luggage and went to my sister’s host family. The flight was nice, they have entertainment centers for all seats in the big KLM machines now, and we were both in luck, being served cheese-only sandwiches twice during the flight. We do not like cheese. Period.

Tessi’s host aunt and her mother picked us up, both very nice ladies. We arrived to a nice big house, and the smell of hand-washed soap-soaked clothes reminds us both of our days in South America. We get our hands on some fruits, and fall into our beds.

It is winter in Peru now, meaning that the sky is always covered with clouds, and the temperature is between 10 and 18 degrees celsius, with a very humid atmosphere, causing everything to be not-quite-dry through and through.

Thursday we wait for Tessi’s host aunt, she is, of course, being a South American, a bit late 😉 We drive to the beach, and then go hunting for a hotel, but not before waiting an hour to get a SIM for Tessi’s phone and finding out it is SIM-locked. Ah well…

The Beach of Lima

In the evening, we visit “Las Brisas del Titicaca” and watch some Peruvian dances. We are in luck, since we arrived in the “Month of Peru”, so to speak, and everyone is very much in tune with local culture these days.

Peruvian dancers

I will put up more photos as they are taken and the time allows, for now we have to go buy some bus tickets…

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