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11 Aug

Machu Picchu and Cusco

Alright, so off we were yesterday early morning to Machu Picchu…we decided to save some time by driving to the second station instead of getting on the train at the first station…and then off to the big miracle…

The train station

The train itself

Some mountains on the way


Flowers and vista

Finally there….the obligatory landscape shot If you tilt the picture counterclockwise, you can see the face of an Inka formed by the mountain

Some Llamas

Family in front of the classical landscape

A trail we followed

My father on the trail

A bridge built by the Incas, removable in case of intruder alert

View of the “most beautiful” building in Machu Picchu

On the way back I almost slept…but then they started to play cheap Euro-trance and have a fashion show…add to that the !oiled! tracks which caused the train to jump a few times, and all hope of sleep is gone.

Today I was kind of sick. Took some pills and stayed in bed. Took a walk in the afternoon and tried Bembos…that was kind of nice.

The cathedral of Cusco No pictures can be taken on the inside, but it is a huge, decadent, silvery catherdral.

The famous twelve-angled stone in Cusco

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