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09 Aug

To Puno, lake Titicaca, to Cuzco

The day before yesterday meant waking up early and visiting the Airport of Arequipa once more to fly to Juliaca. From there, with a few stops, we went to Puno which lies at the shores of lake Titicaca.

A nice man with a llama we met on the way

One more stop, at some Inca ruins This is actually a grave…kind of corpse lasagna

Chickenhawks, flying over the ruins

Picturesque, my sister and some Peruvian ladies, plus a baby vicuña

Once in Puno, we went to a nice restaurant with yet another dancing show. The next day took us by ferry first to the floating islands, which are made of reed and reed-roots. The people who live there originally came from the jungle to Puno, but no one wanted them there, so they built islands and live there. They have to anchor in order not to drift off to Bolivia, since they do not have passports. If a family is lazy, their part of the island is just cut off to form its own, small island.

A floating island

This is how these islands are built.

Then we went on to Taquile, a “real” island. People there speak Chechua and do not know a thing about music 😉

Great view from Taquile

The view towards Bolivia, and a knitting man

On the way back, we noticed the reeds were burning…large parts of it, with the fire spreading rather rapidly.

Burning reeds

Today morning, we went on the “Inka Tour” bus from Puno to Cuzco, with five stops. The first was a rather unimpressive museum with statues in it. The second a nice viewpoint of the glacier, where my sister also got a “Nikolo” chocolate bar.

The glacier

Nikolo bar

After that, we stopped to get some food, which was rather dull. Then we stopped to see some llamas and their relatives. There was also a cuy farm (picture will be posted later).

The history of Peruvian transport

The next stop was a site full of Inka ruins, a temple-site dedicated to a god (forgot the name). The building style is interesting since it involves stones as well as bricks.

Temple ruins

After that, we went to see the “sixtine chapel” of the Andes…which turned out to be rather disappointing. We were also not allowed to take pictures, so I took one of the square, which had rather interesting trees around it.

Tree with parasites

During the rest of the trip, the landscape was really nice.

A mountain with some trees

Sadly, I lost my USB stick which had all the photos of the first batch. Now all that I am left with are the photos you see here, and the ones of the last three days. Ah, well.

The hotel here in Cuzco is nice so far. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Machu Picchu…looking forward to that!

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