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28 Jul

Markets and fruits

Yesterday night the whole family came back. They are very nice and took us out to Molina for breakfast…Cicharron con Mote…that is, fire-grilled, fried pork with cooked, peeled (yes, peeled!) corn. They also had a lot of plants and herbs there, too bad I forgot to bring the camera…well, actually I thought we would just […]

27 Jul

The First Days in Peru

Ha! So I do get to write a little blog entry. We arrived in Lima on time on Wednesday, got our luggage and went to my sister’s host family. The flight was nice, they have entertainment centers for all seats in the big KLM machines now, and we were both in luck, being served cheese-only […]

26 Jun

Trax in Space is back!

Nice! I received my beta key today and already started uploading a few tracks…within a few hours, I had my first review. Great! I hope the community becomes as good as it once was!

17 Jun

Update on: Kerosene Draft

Hehe…still not releasing the track 😉 But you can find a beta (actually, it’s not even an alpha, the whole “functionality” is not there yet, but I think it stands pretty well on its own) on my fm4 Soundpark page. Anyway, the reason why there is no release yet is because a colleague is helping […]

05 Jun

The new track…

…is coming along nicely. You’ll probably be able to hear a beta version of it on my fm4 Soundpark page. As will be mentioned there, the killer hook or lyrics are still missing (like with “Heavy Smoke” a few years back). I’ll be actively looking for such things, though. And I guess this weekend, which […]

04 Jun


…no update for a long time. But don’t worry…there is going to be something new pretty soon… To give you a little teaser: Kerosene Draft That is the working title of a new track, and it will be the first of hopefully many HiFi tracks, although that probably won’t stop me from throwing in one […]

05 Mar

Chill out…

The last days have been pretty busy, so I was not able to write any entries. We’ve been to Graz, and it has been a really nice day. Seeing my town of birth is always a pleasant experience. It has a very medieval flair, you can really imagine it being a castle town of old. […]

24 Feb

Further progress…

Hey there! I’ve decided to go with the following plan: Each day, I will upload two songs and one equipment description. Maybe I won’t get to it each and every day, but I will try, so bear with me until all my tracks and tools are here, then we will get to some real new […]

20 Feb


After finally getting a decent host (, installing a system for my site (WordPress) as well as some plugins for it, adapting those plugins and a nice theme to match a look I (and hopefully also you) can live with, I’m slowly starting to add my songs to the site. So expect more and more […]

19 Feb

A New NeXXyZ Site Is Here…

…and you obviously know about it 🙂 Welcome!

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