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27 Sep

Long time no see…

Hi again!

Seems I never got around to post those Galapagos pictures…maybe some day 😉 If I feel like it…

But since we’re already on the topic of Ecuador: Last week I discovered a few CDs containing old songs of mine…really old, from the year 2000 and before that. I ripped them, and stored them. Then I went looking for more…we found an old cassette at David’s place which apparently I sent him from Ecuador. Side A is pretty broken, side B works nice. I also ripped them and cleaned them up a bit…not too much though. Also, when going through my own cassettes I found three tracks of mine…two of these I already published a few minutes ago, under Music\Music Releases\Rescued Tracks, so give them a listen.

Since the Gameboy producing never stops, and I have all these old songs now, and Markus Schrodt and I are also working on new stuff, there might be quite a bit of updating in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back!

Meanwhile, I hope you can enjoy some nostalgia!

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