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01 May

A World That Could Have Been

A first second third draft render of a little song that I actually built in a few hours to try out basic song structure (ABABCB).

Only pseudo-realistic sounding classical instruments (see below), I was going for a symphonic sound. To my ears, it sounds as if it belongs in a movie or a game.

Purely using Renoise for Arrangement (no effects, no nothing yet), using the free Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra with the free sfz for playing the SoundFonts.

I might polish this, maybe even make some cool remixes of it – but there it is for now.

Edit: Now with oboe, less mechanic piano and a few other tweaks.

Edit 2: Changed the internal structure to use Renoise track groups, and made a few improvements on the way.

Also added a bit of reverb using the free SIR1 and a “Vienna Hall” teamplate from Samplicity’s free Bricasti M7 Impulse Response Collection.

Normalizing and light compression (and encoding, of course) using the free Audacity.

Edit 3: Small fix. String chords were missing at the beginning, for some reason.

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