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08 Jan

A Cold Day In January


Since I currently have quite a nasty cold I was a bit bored. But then I thought “Hey, you bought Renoise a while ago, so you might as well have a go.” Yeah. I talk to myself a lot when I’m bored. Don’t ask.

I only worked on this track a bit more than 6 hours in all, so don’t expect too much, its a bit bland – but it is dreamy and relaxing and a bit weird…I might fine-tune it a bit in the future, but don’t count on it – once I upload things I tend to never touch them again. 😉 I’m not sure whether the snare is charming, annoying or too old-skool, but I think it kind of fits.

Since my equipment is packed and ready to go to our new home as soon as we get the key (end of January), this was done entirely using free samples, free VST’s and Renoise.

Renoise is pretty impressive – the first things I tried out were, of course, the omnipresent bass-ducking and compression in combination with weird add-ins like Drum Processor, which led to all kind of ugly, filthy noise experiments. The tool seems quite flexible and, being a long-time Fast Tracker II, Buzz and LSDJ user, made me feel right at home. The only thing I’m missing right now is a decent “real” polyphonic & melodic step sequencer that is Monome-compatible and single-track-Patterns (for sequencing and muting patterns like you do in Buzz). Another nice-to-have would be a per-Track spectrum scope.

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