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13 Dec

Nice news!

Nice things have happened in the last week!

I received a nice little toy, the Tenori-On (TNR-W). Ebay has been nice to me, so I did not pay the full price, but it’s still a pretty expensive toy.

So far, it has definitely been worth it, though! I also received a stand for it, and now the MIDI cable has also arrived. There’s nothing in the way of syncing it to LSDJ and making some Nintendo/Yamaha hybrid tracks! I’ll experiment with this combination during the holidays.

Also, I’ve been contacted by a Dr. Avatar from One Life Left, and it looks like they’ll play have played our Seven Nation Army cover on their show on last Monday (s05e19, starting at around 54:00):

I contribute to a radio show called One Life Left in London, UK playing the character Dr. Avatar. This week, I convinced the host to give Seven Nation Army some airtime.

The show is played on Mondays on 104.4 Resonance FM in London, UK and the show goes live at 8PM. However, it can always be downloaded at

So head on over there and give their show a listen!

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