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27 Feb

Above the Purple Clouds

[audio:nexxyz_-_Above_The_Purple_Clouds.mp3] This is an original dance track that won me a compo in my times at Trax in Space. The site is no longer alive, but it has hosted my songs for a few years and had a nice community with lots of enthusiastic trackers and musicians. I miss it…

27 Feb

Liquid Skies

[audio:nexxyz_-_Liquid_Skies.mp3] A downbeat track, with lots of harmonies and an erratic beat…written during troubled and melancholic times…a very prominent flute theme and moody strings.

26 Feb

Omega 2001

[audio:nexxyz_-_Omega_2001.mp3] A quite long time ago, a friend and I had a really nice series of parties called “Omega”…it must have been around seven parties or something we did, most of them quite big. Of course we had a hymn. Of course we did a remake of that hymn for almost every party we had. […]

25 Feb

Heavy Smoke (Preview)

[audio:nexxyz_-_Heavy_Smoke_Preview.mp3] A track I never finished. It is still quite a nice, hard two-step/breakbeat/whatever a la The Prodigy or Crystal Method. Bassy, boomy and dirty, with a haunting side-melody that’s almost taunting the listener and telling him to do all sorts of violent and sinful things…

23 Feb

Halloween 3001

[audio:nexxyz_-_Halloween_3001.mp3] A theme inspired by the theme of the Halloween movies and the variation on it Moby vs. Eniac used in their great track “Smoke This”, which was released on the “Save the Robots” ‘Members of Mayday compilation. Spooky stuff!

23 Feb

Failed 2 Rescue

[audio:nexxyz_-_Failed_2_Rescue.mp3] A sad track with very melancholic harmonies and downbeat drums. My sister’s favourite of my songs.

22 Feb

Knight Rider Theme – nexxyz Jumpin’ Cars Mix

[audio:nexxyz_-_Knight_Rider_Theme_nexxyz_Jumpin_Cars.mp3] An experiment of trying to recreate the “picked” melody of the Knight Rider Theme turned into a whole track. I think I managed to recreate that sound pretty well, and also the lead melody came out right. In the end it became very little of a reconstruction, but a very groovy cover of the […]

21 Feb

Cup of Coffee

[audio:nexxyz_-_Cup_Of_Coffee.mp3] A chilly, down-beat track which also happens to be the first one I got to sell. Considered by many of my friends as the ideal background music for a productive study session.

20 Feb

Dark Resurrection + Variation

Original: [audio:nexxyz_-_Dark_Resurrection_Original_Mix.mp3] D’n’B Variation: [audio:nexxyz_-_Dark_Resurrection_DnB_Mix.mp3] A trance track plus a D’n’B variation of the same track. In fact, the two tracks are almost identical, except for substitution of the beat and bassline and a higher speed in the D’n’B variation. The variation was written as proof that trance and D’n’B are really not that different, […]

20 Feb

Beatnik – Sunlight (nexxyz Shining Mix)

[audio:Beatnik_-_Sunlight_nexxyz_Shining_Mix.mp3] A remix of a track that was written by friends of old, with a really nice, catchy Eurotrance theme, adapted to my very personal style. I am especially fond of the first lead-synth exposition and the buildup that precedes it. One of my personal favourites.

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