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05 Oct

The Sun Is Shining In Trondelag

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_the_sun_is_shining_in_trondelag.mp3] A track that was a long time in the making…this one started back in Trondheim, 2005. A funny, funky, upbeat song.

16 Mar


[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_juliet.mp3] YAY! The very first new track on this site! This does not mean I am finished uploading old stuff, just that I want to treat you to something you haven’t seen before. Some of the “old” stuff was never released before this site either, but this is the first song I actually finished in […]

26 Feb

Play My Game (Prodigy Tribute)

[audio:Thomas_R._Bucsics_-_Play_My Game_Gray_Gameboy_The_Prodigy_Tribute.mp3] I like The Prodigy. I like them a lot. So much, I wrote a track, and then realized I had used the harmonies from “Breathe” subconsciously…I could not pretend I did not, so I decided to dedicate it to them. The recording got a bit long, but this is because it has got […]

24 Feb

Lead Plumbing

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_lead_plumbing.mp3] Aside from the obvious wordplay about the leaky lead synths, the “lead” in the title stands for its heavyness, and the “plumbing” for the rough style of this track. Hard, very, very bassy and dirty for a gameboy track, this is minimal Gameboy techno for fans. Chirpy and nasty. People were almost shocked at […]

24 Feb

Stereo Playground

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_stereo_playground.mp3] A fast, hard Drum and Bass track, playing around with stereo settings, screwing with your mind. Has a few interesting tempo changes and some sweet breaks in it, and is one of my songs with the most drive. Complex, fast and driving.

22 Feb

Knight Rider Theme – Gameboy Cover

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_knight_rider_gameboy_cover.mp3] This was my very first track entirely produced and performed live using a Nintendo Gray Gameboy and LSDJ, and I consider it one of my best. It was originally performed at the Kunsthauspassage Wien, at a Club Beton event.

20 Feb

Whistling on a Sunny Corridor

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_whistling_on_a_sunny_corridor.mp3] The first Gameboy track to be uploaded on the new site – and for good reason! One of my favourite original tunes, written & performed live on one gray Nintendo Gameboy. Happy, breakbeaty, hoppy, tweety.

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