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01 Nov

The Chase (from Vienna to Olbia)

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_the_chase_from_vienna_to_olbia.mp3] Written partly in the brand new Rudolf Bednar park right across the street and partly on the beach in Baia Sardegna, this is a breaky, kinda hard, but not very hard track. First performed at Elektroland at Elektro Gönner.

08 Aug

Royksopp – Poor Leno (Gray Gameboy Mix)

[audio:royksopp_-_poor_leno_gray_gameboy_hard_mix.mp3] Performed for the first time at 8Bit Beach, this “remix” of a great song by a great band is one of my more sophisticated LSDJ dance tunes.

02 Aug

8Bit Beach Vienna

After a long time, I’ll be playing at 8Bit Beach (see the flyer image for details), which is an interesting combination of swimming in the Danube with 8Bit music. Thanks to Markus Schrodt of dot.matrix for organizing! Dotmatrix, the Gameboy Music Club, Nullsleep and many more will be playing. I am really looking forward to […]

07 Dec

Dream Number 12

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Dream_Number_12.mp3] FastTracker II, 1999, rescued off an old cassette. Funky, breaky, yet smooth and relaxing. I wanna rock!

07 Dec

A New Dream

[audio:Nessusproject_-_A_New_Dream.mp3] A track from 1998, written for Andrea (her name is *cough* cleverly *cough* hidden in the track’s name). Dreamy (as the name suggests), FastTracker II based trance, rescued from an old cassette.

22 Nov

What U Want

[audio:Nessusproject_-_What_U_Want.mp3] A funky breakbeat/bigbeat track, using a few short samples from one of the great classics ;-). Written in Buzz, probably sometime before 2000.

22 Nov

Termination (Omega Interlude)

[audio:Nessusproject_-_Termination_(Omega_Interlude).mp3] A nifty little dance track, inspired by the theme from the Terminator movies. Written using Buzz. Probably written sometime in 2001.

14 Nov

La Vie En Rose

[audio:NESSUSproject_-_La_Vie_En_Rose.mp3] This track was the result of a bet between my French teacher and me. He said: “You can’t make an electronic version of ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Edith Piaf. He was wrong.

14 Nov


[audio:Nexxyz_-_Magic.mp3] One of my first real soothing tracks, and definitely the first to feature a flute. Relaxing, dreamy and quiet.

08 Nov

Are You the One – 4 Variations – feat. Steffi W.

[audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Ballad_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Dance_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_Pseudo_DnB_Mix.mp3] [audio:nexxyz_-_Are_You_The_One_TripnFlip_Mix.mp3] These four tracks date around the year 2000. Using vocals that were recorded on a cheaper than cheap microphone, this cover of a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song comes in four flavours: Ballad Dance Chilly D’n’B TripHop This was a bit of an experimental study: All versions share the […]

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