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25 Feb

Schrodt & Bucsics – On the Sand (On Your Gums)

[audio:schrodt_and_bucsics_-_on_the_sand_on_your_gums.mp3] This is a really mellow, chilly track, produced using a Commodore 64 and a Nintendo Gray Gameboy Classic, both played by Markus Schrodt, and a Roland MC505, played by myself. The reason for the name? Simple. By the time we were finished with this song, we were walking on the sand, on our gums, […]

24 Feb

Stereo Playground

[audio:thomas_r._bucsics_-_stereo_playground.mp3] A fast, hard Drum and Bass track, playing around with stereo settings, screwing with your mind. Has a few interesting tempo changes and some sweet breaks in it, and is one of my songs with the most drive. Complex, fast and driving.

21 Feb

Cup of Coffee

[audio:nexxyz_-_Cup_Of_Coffee.mp3] A chilly, down-beat track which also happens to be the first one I got to sell. Considered by many of my friends as the ideal background music for a productive study session.

21 Feb

Schrodt & Bucsics – Waiting for 620

[audio:schrodt_and_bucsics_-_waiting_for_620.mp3] A song I wrote with Markus Schrodt of dot.matrix, him on the Gameboy and the Commodore 64, and me on my Roland MC505. Funky, fun tune with a name to suit the occasion 😉

20 Feb

Beatnik – Sunlight (nexxyz Shining Mix)

[audio:Beatnik_-_Sunlight_nexxyz_Shining_Mix.mp3] A remix of a track that was written by friends of old, with a really nice, catchy Eurotrance theme, adapted to my very personal style. I am especially fond of the first lead-synth exposition and the buildup that precedes it. One of my personal favourites.

19 Feb

Missing the Sea

[audio:nexxyz_-_Missing_the_Sea.mp3] The first song to be posted on this site. I wrote this song when I came back to Vienna from my semester in Trondheim at NTNU. As long as it’s available, you can see the blog I had there here (German). It has a very melancholy atmosphere, but has its joyful elements. I would […]

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